MGO Manuka Honey from New Zealand

Wellbeeing Manuka honey is the finest quality Manuka Honey naturally and responsibly sourced in New Zealand.

We label our honey range to reflect the MGO present at the time of testing. Our testing is independent, thorough and world class. The activity levels are tested at an authorised independent laboratory in New Zealand.

Wellbeeing Manuka Honey

Wellbeeing Manuka honey is delicious, distinct in flavour and a natural choice.

Wellbeeing Manuka is a MGO rated honey.

MGO means the methylglyoxal level present in the jar of honey and is a naturally occurring compound in Manuka honey.

Our Quality Assurance

Wellbeeing Manuka honey is tested for its ‘MGO’ by independent laboratory Analytica Labs in New Zealand.

Oritain independently and scientifically verify the origin of every single batch to a forensic standard. This type of forensic analysis is unable to be manipulated or tampered with and confirms that our honey is 100% New Zealand honey.

Our Hives

No bees are harmed in the process of the collection or production of Manuka Honey. Wellbeeing is a brand committed to maintaining and ensuring the wellbeing of our honey bees. Healthy, happy bees makes us happy and means a better quality honey for you.

100% New Zealand Honey

Located in New Zealand, we pride ourselves on only selecting the finest New Zealand Manuka honey. All of our pots contain 100% New Zealand honey. We own our own hives and we pack in our own facility, managing quality from hive to pot.

Wellbeeing is a brand of Honey New Zealand. HNZ is a fully integrated honey company. We own our own hives, we store raw honey and we pack in our multifaceted facility. We are proud to be a long established and well respected, independently owned, New Zealand honey company.

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